The Open Mic Documentary
Hotel Utah
San Francisco,CA 2009
The Red Victorian
San Francisco,CA 2008
Cafe International
San Francisco,CA 8/08
Blakes On Telegraph
Berkeley, CA 7/08
Freight & Salvage
Berkeley, CA 2/08-6/08
Hotel Utah
San Francisco, CA 2/11/08
Red Rock Coffee
Mountain View, CA 3/10/08
South Bay Folks
Santa Clara, CA 1|17|08
Mill Valley, CA 8|27|07
Freight&Salvage 8|28|07 Sweetwater 8|11|07 Hotel Utah 7|30|07 Blakes On Telegraph
July 2007
Cafe International
July-August 2007
Freight&Salvage 7|10|07 Hotel Utah 6|4|07 Freight&Salvage 5|15|07 Freight&Salvage 4|3|07 Starry Plough 3|20|07 Uptown Night Club 2006 Missouri Lounge 2006 Oakland Metro 2006 Starry Plough 2006
Jerry Day 2008 Roger Rocha and the Goldenhearts,
April 19, 2008 Hotel Utah
Jeremy Hill Remembrance 12|17|07 Loser's, Louisville, KY 10|9|07 Lefty's Bar & Grill, Lindenhurst, NY 10|3|07 Jack London Square 3|24|07 Mama Buzz Cafe 4|17|07

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If you are looking for an Open Mic to play at in the Bay Area, this is the place to check out.
We are listed on their "Useful Links" page. Bay Area Open Mic Calendar

JJ Schultz is the host of the Hotel Utah Open Mic in San Francisco that happens every Monday. He also happens to be one of my favorite songwriters. Check out his music here JJ Schultz Then check out the incredible site he has created which has the music JJ records every Monday.

The Happy Clams, a collection of "hasn't beens", are on the forefront of the Un-Pop Movement. This is not a style as much as it is a perception and is not an indication that members of the movement have no desire for their 15 minutes of fame. The Happy Clams

What can be said about Girl George? That she was one of the first Interviews and that she is the Co-Host of the Starry Plough Open Mic in Berkeley. I won't give it away. You'll have to read the interview, watch her videos then go to one of her many website(s)(more than 3). Girl George

Paul Manousos is a fiercely talented Bay Area musician whose debut solo album "For Better or Worse" is rapidly garnering national and regional media accolades. The first thing you notice from the album is his voice. You can't help but feel he is an artist to keep your eye on. Paul Manousos

Little Boy Blue is a songwriting musician from the EastBay, California. His music might be described as acoustic folk-punk, a.k.a. anti-folk or riot-folk! His first record, The Day that Bush was Shot in the Head (and other love songs) is out now on BIG RACCOON Records. Little Boy Blue

Hobby Horse, a progressive folk/rock duo from the San Francisco Bay Area, has built an online music and art venue called Hobbyhorse Cafe, featuring their music and art as well as that of a growing lineup of talented guest musicians, artists and poets. Hobby Horse Cafe

Gary Wade Unplugged plays solo acoustic blues, rock, jazz, & classical guitar, as well as sings his original compositons. He is currently performing and acting as host at various clubs in the San Francisco East Bay communities of Oakland, Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville. Gary Wade Music

Mike Glendinning calls his music "Grunge Jazz," referring to his preference for grimy, distorted chords and complex textures blended with a sweet, melodic jazz line. His new CD "Random Acts Of Grunge Jazz" is now at Amoeba Records in Berkeley. Mike Glendinning

Andy Mason is a local folk singer /songwriter. A Bay Area native, his songs are crafted around local happenings, social movements, political issues, hometown pride and raw human experiences. His heroes are Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Waylen Jennings. Andy Mason

Carroll Glenn was born and raised in Toledo Ohio where he was exposed to the Detroit and English rock scenes. He's that strange cat who hits you with a sweet melody and a tough truth singing songs and stories of life as its lived, reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Dylan at their best. Carroll Glenn

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