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Jayde Blade, a substitute host for the Starry Plough Open Mic, asked me to come film her at the Mama Buzz Cafe. She said she would be playing with a couple of noteable performers from the local scene.

One, Val Esway & El Mirage in one of her duo configurations with Berge Thomasian, really feels the love with her music. She seemed to get happier after every song as the evening progressed.

The other, Myles Boisen who also appears in many different musical lineups, appeared with Katherine Copenhaver as Acoustic Virgin.

Jayde Blade---Embers

Jayde Blade---Scream

Jayde Blade---Clockmaker

Jayde Blade---Gottalot

The Mama Buzz Cafe is a hot spot for local Open Mic performers. It is a generally acoustic venue that gives a helping hand to up and coming artists needing a place to hone their set material.

Val Esway---Whiskey Trail

Val Esway---Ringer

Val Esway---One Balmy Night

Val Esway---Think of Me

Acoustic Virgin---1

Acoustic Virgin---2

Acoustic Virgin---3

Acoustic Virgin---4