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Kidney Stew

You done did It

Nothing in the World I'd rather Do

Steppin' Out

B Movie Box Car Blues

On Saturday March 20, 2007 Jack London Square presented its First Annual Crab Crawl. Headlining the show was Captain Mike and the Sea Kings. I met Captain Mike and the other members of the band, at the Missouri Lounge's Open Mic. Mike sings, blows Harp, and plays guitar while leading a rockin band with Philo Mio on drums, Mike Husser "The Rocket Man" on bass and Roger "Stone Cold" Brown on guitar.


The band was lucky that day when Tia Carroll sat in to sing "Mojo".
Ms. Carroll was Awarded Female Blues Vocalist of the Year 2007 from the West Coast Blues Hall Of Fame. With her band Hard Work, she knows how much Hard Work singing and playing the blues can be. To see her perform and hear her sing is a joy and well worth all the Hard Work.


Katie Mae

Goin' Fishin'

Walk the Dog

Teenie Weenie Bit


Dollar in the Tipjar

Messing with the Kid