The Open Mic Documentary
Hotel Utah
San Francisco,CA 2009
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San Francisco,CA 2008
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San Francisco,CA 8/08
Blakes On Telegraph
Berkeley, CA 7/08
Freight & Salvage
Berkeley, CA 2/08-6/08
Hotel Utah
San Francisco, CA 2/11/08
Red Rock Coffee
Mountain View, CA 3/10/08
South Bay Folks
Santa Clara, CA 1|17|08
Mill Valley, CA 8|27|07
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July 2007
Cafe International
July-August 2007
Freight&Salvage 7|10|07 Hotel Utah 6|4|07 Freight&Salvage 5|15|07 Freight&Salvage 4|3|07 Starry Plough 3|20|07 Uptown Night Club 2006 Missouri Lounge 2006 Oakland Metro 2006 Starry Plough 2006
Jerry Day 2008 Roger Rocha and the Goldenhearts,
April 19, 2008 Hotel Utah
Jeremy Hill Remembrance 12|17|07 Loser's, Louisville, KY 10|9|07 Lefty's Bar & Grill, Lindenhurst, NY 10|3|07 Jack London Square 3|24|07 Mama Buzz Cafe 4|17|07

The Artist Interview is the essence of The Open Mic Documentary. While we can see the performer's stage act from the videos on this site, the interview is how we get to really know something about them. We interviewed each artist with questions to be presented in a written format. Some also have short video interviews. After reading their interviews you are encouraged to add your comments.

Interview Title/Summary Artist Picture

Paul Manousos Video Interview

"Singer-songwriter Paul Manousos plays piano and guitar, writes hooky, classic rock-influenced songs, and has a strong and listenable singing voice to top it all off. His latest CD, Common Thread, goes down smooth, like an undiscovered Van Morrison/Beatles album and is impressive from the first spin. Check out Paul playing a solo piano version of Don't Cry after being interviewed for "The Open Mic Documentary" Cable TV series.

Paul Pot Interview

Paul Pot Video Interview

Paul Pot is a recording artist from Berkeley, CA. He is currently the host of an open mike at the "Missouri Inn" in Berkeley, California on Wednesday nights. He had a local hit on KALX in 1980 called "Plastic TV Land on Acid" but now fronts the Happy Clams band for which he is the songwriter/singer and which is soon releasing its long awaited debue CD

Julie Larson Interview

Julie Larson started a new indie label in 2001 to promote her projects and other talented local artists through them. Since then they have completed three releases: Julie Larson "Apotheosis" (2002) - a collection of 14 eclectic-acoustic originals, Pat Nevins "Shakey Zimmerman" (2003) - covers of Bob Dylan & Neil Young tunes feturing Barry Sless, Bill Laymon & the original drummer of the Dark Star Orchestra, and Julie Larson "WAKENING" (2004) - 10 classic-rock flavored tunes with Pete Sears on keys, Tal Morris on lead guitar and Bill Laymon back again on the bass.

Michael Chase Interview

Mike Chase is a well known singer/songwriter in the San Francisco Bay Area. He plays both piano and guitar while throwing in a bit of ironic humor into his songs. I first met Mike at the Freight & Salvage Open Mic in Berkeley. He so impressed me that I showed up and filmed his feature performance the next week at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Mike has given a lot of thought about how to get the best out of the Open Mic experience. Read on and learn some valuable tips.

David Kent Interview

David Kent plays the style of delta blues that reminds us of how the original masters must have sounded. He talks about his formative years in hard rock music, his early involvement with drugs and how he quit and resurfaced years later forging his background into his own original style of roots rock and delta blues.

Andy Mason Interview

Andy Mason is a local folk singer/songwriter/musician. A Bay Area native, his songs are crafted around local happenings, social movements, political issues, hometown pride and raw human experiences. Expect to hear songs about the Iraq war, pollution, frustrations with modern life, cops, women, booze and being thirsty. His songs are reminiscent of Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Waylen Jennings.

Vanessa Van Spall Interview

You have got to go to Vanessa Van Spall's website Not only does it have a high gloss magazine look, it has some GREAT VIDEOS of Vanessa and her band. I'm talking about the 6 I shot of her at Open Mics.

In the short time I have known Vanessa she has been featured in videos shot at that Berkeley institution, the Freight & Salvage and the world famous Sweetwater Saloon in Mill Valley during its last days.

You have to hear her live to appreciate the way she sings. I love to hear the way she controls her vibrato. Viva Vibrato!!! This is a great interview, enjoy it.

Suzanne Fox Interview

Suzanne Fox is a musician, singer, songwriter and teacher. The host of the Freight & Salvage Open Mic on Tuesdays in Berkeley, CA, she is also the House Manager 3 nights a week.

Alan K. Lipton Interview

Alan K. Lipton is a musician and former rock critic for Bay Area magazines such as the now defunct BAM. He gives us his hard won knowledge and experience of the Bay Area music scene.

Daniel Mandel Interview

Daniel Mandel is a Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller we met at the Sweetwater Open Mic. He talks about his background and growth as an artist and discusses workshops he has taken to perfect his stage performance in a group setting or as a solo artist.

Eric Golub Interview

Eric Golub is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who has branched out into several different musical genres. I first met Eric at the Freight & Salvage backing up 2 different performers on his viola. He's an incredible addition to anyone's sound.

Carl Weingarten Interview

Carl Weingarten is a professional musician with a few insights as to what makes a good Open Mic. He first came to my attention after I had filmed him playing slide guitar, and he told me I had spelled his name wrong (he's not the only one).
Photo by Lori Piccone

Nancy Fair Interview

Nancy Fair is a singer/songwriter who is involved working in the music business. She is the cohost of the Monday night Open Mic at Blake's On Telegraph, the "Songwriter's Symposium", along with SepV, Joe Hickey and Jacob Wolkenhauer. She also is the booker of the featured acts.

Girl George Interview

Girl George is the co-host of the Starry Plough Open Mic on Tuesdays in Berkeley. She talks about her years going to Open Mics and gives advice to performers new and experienced. This is good information for all artists.

Streets of Gold Interview

Lee from "Streets Of Gold" reminisces about his previous band, "The Danny Partridge Experience" and discusses his likes, dislikes and experiences at Open Mics.