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Hotel Utah
San Francisco,CA 2009
The Red Victorian
San Francisco,CA 2008
Cafe International
San Francisco,CA 8/08
Blakes On Telegraph
Berkeley, CA 7/08
Freight & Salvage
Berkeley, CA 2/08-6/08
Hotel Utah
San Francisco, CA 2/11/08
Red Rock Coffee
Mountain View, CA 3/10/08
South Bay Folks
Santa Clara, CA 1|17|08
Mill Valley, CA 8|27|07
Freight&Salvage 8|28|07 Sweetwater 8|11|07 Hotel Utah 7|30|07 Blakes On Telegraph
July 2007
Cafe International
July-August 2007
Freight&Salvage 7|10|07 Hotel Utah 6|4|07 Freight&Salvage 5|15|07 Freight&Salvage 4|3|07 Starry Plough 3|20|07 Uptown Night Club 2006 Missouri Lounge 2006 Oakland Metro 2006 Starry Plough 2006
Jerry Day 2008 Roger Rocha and the Goldenhearts,
April 19, 2008 Hotel Utah
Jeremy Hill Remembrance 12|17|07 Loser's, Louisville, KY 10|9|07 Lefty's Bar & Grill, Lindenhurst, NY 10|3|07 Jack London Square 3|24|07 Mama Buzz Cafe 4|17|07

It has been awhile since we've posted any pages for Hotel Utah but we never stopped filming the Utah artists. Usually we just send the videos to the individual artists and maybe post then to but it seems like it's time to show some of the stuff. We've also included a few brief interviews that were included in our Cable TV series "The Open Mic Documentary".

Speaking of the TV series, many people have been told that they have been seen on the show. GG Tanaka was at the Utah one Monday when two people came up to him and said that they had seen the show and decided to come check out the Hotel Utah Open Mic and they were "thrilled to recognize him". Way to go GG!

Once again our thanks go out to the staff of the Hotel Utah (Cal and Laura) and Open Mic host JJ Schultz, who with his site makes coming out on Monday nights an experience not duplicated anywhere. Also thanks to Bridget and for the photos in the banner slide show below. If you would like to make your own slide show or banner show check out

Kelly and Lorenzo

Lunabide and Cara

Fancy Dan and Hankerin' Jane

Linny Kenny

Utah Cal

Roger Rocha

Linney Kenny

Death To The West

Wolf Larson

Not An Airplane

Pale Fighter

Mr Andrew

Kelly McFarling

Jane Lui


Laurie Henry

JJ Schultz

Great Girls Blouse

The Tony Show

Wolf Larson

J Sider

Laurie Henry

Jonah Kit


Lorenzo "HighLife" Levinger